About unilac.de

New strategies of ion accelerators are under discussion to meet future requirements. At unilac.de various linear accelerators around the world will be shown and their functionality will be described.

Based on common strategies conceptual design studies will be started with main focus of an advanced educational training of students to become familiar with the working methods of accelerator physics and to meet the needs of the world leading high energy laboratories. These activities may result in different LINAC concepts, proposed under application of effective beam dynamic models with an attention for future developments in combination with state-of-the-art techniques. The amalgamation of different disciplines like numerical simulations, technical realization and construction as well as interaction with companies for the production of accelerator components are the key issue to develop effective ion LINAC proposals. The resulting designs and an estimation of the performance of different conceptual accelerators will be discussed as well as their potential for an upgrade of existing facilities as a long-term strategy.